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    Books about Sewing Tools

Mary Andere

    Old Needlework Boxes and Tools, Their Story and How to Collect Them
    New York, NY; Drake Publishers, LTD, (1971), 184 pp.
    (Printed in Great Britain)
    ISBN: 87749-085-6

Elaine Gaussen

    Miller’s Sewing Accessories, A Collector’s Guide
    London, England; Octopus Publishing Group, LTD, (2001), 64 pp.
    ISBN: 1-84000-353-7

Susan Jean Gowan

    Thimbles of Australia
    East Roseville, NSW Australia; Kangaroo Press, (1998), 135 pp.
    ISBN: 0-86417-949-4

Helmut Grief

    Talks About Thimbles
    Klagenfurt, Austria; GraphischerBetrieb Carinthia, (1983) 130 pp.
    ISBN: 3-85378-206X

John von Hoelle

    Thimble Collectors Encyclopedia,
    New International (3rd) Edition

    Des Moines, Iowa; Wallace-Homestead Books, (1986), 334pp.
    ISBN: 0-87069-484-7

Edwin F. Holmes

    History of Thimbles.
    New York: Cornwall Books (1985), 254pp.
    ISBN 0-84534-761-6

    Dublin, Ireland; Gill and MacMillian, Limited (1976), 150pp.
    ISBN: 0-71710-762-0

Eleanor Johnson

    United Kingdom; Shire Publications LTD, (1982), 32 pp.
    ISBN: 0-085263-6199

    Thimbles and Thimble Cases (2nd Edition)
    United Kingdom, Shire Publications LTD., (1999), 40 pp.
    ISBN: 0-7478-0403-6

Myrtle Lundquist

    The Book of a Thousand Thimbles
    Des Moines, IA; Wallace-Homestead Book Company, (1970), 91 pp.
    ISBN:  0-87069-008-6

    Thimble Treasury
    Des Moines, IA; Wallace-Homestead Book Company, (1975), 72 pp.
    ISBN:  0-87069-123-6

    Thimble Americana
    Des Moines, IA; Wallace-Homestead Book Company, (1981), 72 pp.
    ISBN:  0-87069-326-3

Avril Mathis

    Antique and Collectible Thimbles and Accessories.
    Paducah, Kentucky; Collector Books (1986), 182pp.
    ISBN: 0-89145-322-9

Bridget McConnel

    A Collector's Guide to Thimbles.
    Secaucus, New Jersey; Wellfleet Books (1990), 95pp.
    ISBN: 1-55521-542-4

    The Story of Antique Needlework Tools.
    Atglen, Pennsylvania; Schiffer Publications (1999), 252pp.
    ISBN: 0-764-30710-X

    The Story of the Thimble: An Illustrated Guide for Collectors.
    Atglen, Pennsylvania; Schiffer Publications (1997), 175pp.
    ISBN: 0-76430-311-2

Molly Proctor.

    Needlework Tools and Accessories:
    A Collectors Guide and How to Collect Them

    England; B.T.Batsford Ltd, (1990), 140pp.
    ISBN: 0-71345-895-X

Jo Ann Rath.

  • Antique and Unusual Thimbles.
  • Cranbury, New Jersey; A.S. Barnes & Company, (1979), 172pp.
  • ISBN: 0-49802-065-7

Gay Ann Rogers.

    American Silver Thimbles.
    London; Haggerston Press, (1989), 223 pp.
    ISBN: 1-86981-203-4

    An Illustrated History of Needlework Tools.
    London; John Murray, (1983), 143pp.
    ISBN: 0-71954-021-6

Kay Sullivan

    Needlework Tools & Accessories – A Dutch Tradition
    Woodbridge, Suffolk; Antique Collectors Club LTD., (2004), 225 pp.
    ISBN:  1-85149-4715

Nerylla Taunton

    Antique Needlework Tools and Embroideries.
    England; Antique Collector's Club, (1997), 220pp.
    ISBN: 0-71954-021-6

Helen Lester Thompson

    Sewing Tools & Trinkets:
    Collector's Identification & Value Guide

    Paducah, Kentucky; Collectors Books, (1997), 160pp.
    ISBN: 0-89145-736-4

    Sewing Tools & Trinkets,
    Collector’s Identification & Value Guide
    (Volume 2)
    Paducah, Kentucky; Collectors Books, (2002), 160 pp
    ISBN: 1-57432-287-7

Gertrude Whiting

    Old-Time Tools & Toys of Needlework
    New York, NY; dover Publications, Inc. (1971), 357 pp.
    ISBN: 0-486-22517-8
    (Originally published by Columbia University Press, NY (1928)
    Title:  Tools and Toys of Stitchery)

Estelle Zalkin

    Zalkin's Handbook of Thimbles and Sewing Implements:
    A Complete Collector's Guide with Current Prices
    Willow Grove, Pennsylvania; Warman Publ Company, (1988). 274pp
    ISBN: 0-91159-414-0



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