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20th Biennial Thimble Collectors International Convention - Niagara Falls, New York

Hosted by The Empire State Thimble Collectors (ETSC)

7 - 10 September 2016



                                               Do you collect thimbles and/or needlework tools?

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Plan to attend our next convention, which will be held in Niagara Falls, New York. Members from around the country and the world come together every two years to meet up with old friends, to forge new friendships and to share their knowledge about thimbles and needlework tools.

We will be staying at the Sheraton at the Falls, Niagara Falls, New York. The hotel is part of the Starwood chain. www.sheratonatthefalls.comOur room rate is guaranteed for three (3) nights before and three (3) nights after the convention dates. $139/night plus applicable taxes.  You must be a member of TCI (or a guest of a member) to attend a convention and staying at the convention hotel.

Plan to arrive early and stay after the convention to visit the surrounding area. The Falls, the Niagara Falls State Park and Observation Tower, the Seneca Niagara Casino are all within walking distance from the convention hotel. There are numerous restaurants close by and lots of shopping opportunities.

As part  of  convention,  we  will  be  offering  an  optional  tour  on  Wednesday 7 September 2016.  We will be boarding the famous “Maid of the Mist” as well as visiting other areas around Niagara Falls. Lunch is included.

Our conventions are fun-filled days of learning about thimbles and needlework tools through our programs; a fabulous one-day Sales Mall where you can find all sorts of quality items to add to your collection; a Fashion Parade with designs created by members, all incorporating a thimble or needlework tool theme; many Member Opportunity Prizes.

The TCI Auction is always a big a part of our conventions. This year we hope to have around ninety (90) quality items to bid on. In the past we have auctioned off thimbles like: Stitch in Time, Salem Witch by Webster, Dolly Varden, Ketcham & McDougall’s Pikes Peak, those hand-painted by Peter Swingler, gold and jeweled thimbles, those made of antique porcelain, Bone China, the sought after Golden Gate International Exposition, and many other hard-to-find ones.

silver thimble

The “Ask the Expert” panel is always a highlight — members may submit thimbles or needlework tools that they may be curious about, or are unable to identify by maker or provenance. Our volunteer panel will examine the items and present their findings.


As an example, can you guess the approximate age and provenance of this silver thimble?  Click [here] for the answer.








You could perhaps find any one of these thimbles at a TCI auction!


Or perhaps needlework tools like these! Beautiful fitted needlework boxes, sewing tape measures,  thimble  holders,  thread  winders,  glass  darners,  sewing  clamps,  reference books and so much more!


Have we piqued your interest? Take a minute to view the preliminary schedule of events for the 2016 convention. Click [here].

Registration is US $230 if you register before 1 July 2016.    You will notice  on  the  schedule,  that  some  meals  are  included  in  the registration along with participation in all other events. The tour and luncheon is optional and is not included in registration.

Other things to do: A jet boat adventure on the lower Niagara River — experience the thrill of the Devil’s Hole class 5 white water rapids! Visit the Aquarium of Niagara. Spend the day as a trainer, feed a sea lion or just enjoy a relaxing visit to the aquarium.


Within close proximity to the convention hotel, is the Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls. High-end designer fashions at prices to suit your budget.  There are more than 150 stores to explore. Plan a visit to the Niagara Aerospace Museum located in the old terminal building at the Niagara Falls International Airport. For over a decade, museum staff and volunteers have been collecting and preserving relevant artifacts.

A few fun facts  — Did you know?

The Maid of the Mist was originally a Haudenosaunee myth and predated European colonization of America. In the ancient myth, a young widow, in a suicidal bereavement, got into her canoe and entered the waters above the falls. At first she felt peace, but when she heard the roar of the falls, her hands began to tremble, as she realized there would be physical pain with death.  She prayed to Heno, the God of Thunder, said to inhabit the waters below the falls that her death should be swift and her courage would not fail her at the point of death.

As the canoe entered the rapids, she threw away her paddle, and watched the falls growing near, and the sky reached down to touch the edge of the water as it plunged into the cataract. She gripped the sides of her canoe as the current heaved it, moving her to and fro, swiftly to her end. To read the full article:


The Niagara Falls:


  • The Niagara  Falls  are  located  on  the  border  of Ontario, Canada and New York, USA.
  • Miss Annie  Edson  Taylor,  a  sixty-three  year  old school teacher, was the first to go over the Falls in a barrel.
  • The first tightrope walker to cross the Niagara Falls did so in 1859.
  • It is illegal (and not very smart) to go over the
  • Niagara Falls, but many have tried.
  • One of the oldest surviving United States flags is permanently displayed at Fort Niagara. The British captured it during the War of 1812.
  • Niagara Falls is made up of three waterfalls: American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshoe Falls. These three waterfalls combine to produce the highest flow rate of any waterfall on earth.
  • The largest vertical drop is over 165 feet (50 meters).
  • Four of the five Great Lakes drain into the Niagara River, (Superior, Michigan, Huron and Erie) before emptying into Lake Ontario. Those five Great Lakes make up almost one-fifth of the world’s fresh water supply.
  • During periods of peak flow in the summer and fall, more that 700,000 gallons of water per second pour over Niagara Falls. The rim is worn down about 2 1/2 feet every year.
  • At the current rate of erosion, scientists believe that Niagara Falls will be gone in around 50,000 years.
  • The Niagara Falls State Park is the oldest state park in the United States (1885).
  • Click [here] link to view an exciting video of Niagara Falls.

New York State:


  • State capital is Albany.
  • It took thirty-one years to build the State Capitol.
  • State nickname is the Empire State.
  • State motto: Excelsior; which means Ever Upward.
  • State bird: Bluebird.
  • State flower: Rose.
  • State song: I Love New York.
  • In 1892 Ellis Island opened in New York Harbor as the primary immigration depot in the United States.
  • The highest mountain is Mount Marcy at 5,344 feet.
  • Longest river is the Hudson at 315 miles.
  • Highest waterfall is Taughannock at 215 feet.
  • The largest city is New York City a.k.a. “the Big Apple”
  • European settlers who brought seeds to New York introduced apples in the 1600s.









  • The Statue of Liberty was dedicated in New York Harbor on October 28, 1886.
  • The New York Post, established  in  1803  by  Alexander  Hamilton,  is  the  longest  running newspaper in the United States.
  • In 1901, New York was the first state to require license plates for automobiles and they were not issued by the state. Automobile owners were required to make them with their initials printed on them.
  • It costs over $289,000 for a one-year hot dog stand permit in Central Park.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank on New York’s Wall Street contains vaults that are located 80 feet beneath the bank and hold about 25% of the world’s gold bullion.
  • New York City has the largest Chinese population of any city outside of Asia.
  • The game of Scrabble, the teddy bear, toilet paper, and the deep-fried Twinkie were all invented in NYC. Toilet paper was invented by Joseph C. Gayetty in 1857.
  • Rochester is known as both the Flour City and the Flower City.  The community is home to the first abolitionist group, bloomers, marshmallows, Jell-O, French’s Mustard, baby shoes, gold teeth and the mail chute.


Thimble Collectors International and your hosts for the 2016 TCI Convention, the Empire State Thimble Collectors invite you to join in the fun.

Attend the Niagara Falls, NY convention.

Don’t delay, Join TCI today!


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