Of Meissen Thimbles

This informative booklet was research by the late Ann Blakeslee and published under a grant from TCI.

The booklet is loaded with information about Meissen history, the factory and some of the artisans.  Thirty-four pages of text and color photos. It is well worth adding to your reference library.

Isaac Merritt Singer 1811-1875 (Program)

Isaac Merritt Singer 1811-1875 His Life, Machines and Other Collectibles. A presentation at the TCI 2016 Niagara Falls Convention by Peter Woods of Sydney, Australia.

Introduction To Sewing Trade Cards

Booklet printed and published by Thimble Collectors International, copyright 1988.  Researched by the late Debbie Fuller, this booklet provides insight into the world of Sewing Trade Cards. Content includes: A trade card defined, Evolution of the trade card, Thread trade cards, Sewing machine trade cards, Children and sewing trade cards. Twenty-eight pages with many B&W images.

British Commemorative & Souvenir Thimbles

This booklet was published and printed by Thimble Collectors International, copyright 1987.  The late Dorothy Friend spent a lot of time researching for this booklet and includes the years 1560 – 1987. Another worthwhile research booklet to add to your library.


American Belleek Porcelain Thimbles

“American Belleek Porcelain Thimbles and Related Sewing Tools” was authored by Mildred B. Jarvis and published under a grant by TCI. The contents of this booklet cover the development of American Belleek Porcelain.  It is well researched and a very good reference book to have on hand. Thirty-two pages filled with valuable information.

Thoughts on Thimbles

“Thoughts on Thimbles” by Elizabeth Aldridge. Copyright by Thimble Collectors International 1983. Topics include: Development of the thimble, working thimbles, silver and gold thimbles, commemorative and china thimbles, other material, gadget and patent thimbles and more. (Approx. 122 pages)

French Thimbles with Waffled Knurling

“French Thimbles with Waffled Knurling” by Beryl Frank. Copyright 2003 by Thimble Collectors International. This booklet covers the touchmarks, information on how to identify the 1970s reissues from those of the 1900s and includes many illustrations.

The Family Simons

“The Family Simons” authored by John von Hoelle. Twenty-six pages of information about the Simons company.  Thimblers to America for over 130 years.

Stern Brothers & Co.

“The Story of Stern Brothers & Co., and their successors Goldsmith, Stern & Company” authored by John von Hoelle.  Twenty-six pages filled with information about the company.

The Story of Ketcham & McDougall

“The Story of Ketcham & McDougall, Americas Premier Thimble Maker” authored by John von Hoelle. Forty pages of useful information about the company and their products. KMD made some of the most beautiful thimbles.

Bilston Painted Enameled Thimbles

“Bilston Painted Enameled Thimbles” written and published by John von Hoelle. Twenty-six pages, including the history of Bilston Enamels and other useful information about these rare and beautiful thimbles.