Membership Benefits

To download our membership brochure, click here. To download our printable membership form, click here.

Members of Thimble Collectors International (TCI), receive our quarterly publication, the TCI BULLETIN. The 24-page full-color Bulletin is filled with valuable information about thimbles and needlework tools. To view a past issue of the TCI Bulletin click here.

We offer you the choice of one of three subscription tiers. US or International printed copy of the TCI Bulletin or within the Members Only section of our website, the electronic e-Bulletin is available online to read or download. All Bulletins are now printed with full-color images and mailed by 1st Class Mail in a plastic sleeve.

In addition to the TCI Bulletin, you will have unlimited access to the MEMBERS ONLY section of our website — it is a true haven for the serious collector of thimbles and needlework tools.

Sterling Silver Crochet Hook. Levi & Salaman, Birmingham, circa 1901
Sterling Silver Crochet Hook. Levi & Salaman,
Birmingham, circa 1901

The MEMBERS ONLY section contains an extensive photo and informational reference file on fakes, reproductions, and items that have been misrepresented. In addition, you will also have access to a photo and informational reference section on hallmarks (see image) as found on thimbles and needlework tools. These files are constantly being updated.


The MEMBERS FORUM is our interactive bulletin board, available to all members where you may post a query and include an image for ID purposes. You may opt-in or opt-out to receive messages.

We feature and honor our Charter Members of TCI, many with bios and photos of fabulous items in their collections.

There is a special Research section featuring in-depth studies on many needlework tools and thimble topics. Read about one study [here]

You will find a section on both antique and modern Meissen thimbles, including the results of thimbles sold at auction.

Learn about contemporary Thimble Makers like Yael Mashiach, Daniel Riccio, Lucerne Wulf, and others.  Learn about the artists who hand-painted these beautiful thimbles. Read about Diane Schroeder [here]

Collector Club/Group/Society thimbles, needlework tools, and enameled pins from around the world are illustrated and cataloged.

TCI Convention thimbles and enameled pins are illustrated and cataloged.

The Digital Library Downloads section contains booklets, notes on thimbles, and needlework tools. These are available in the download-for-a-fee format and many are in the FREE download section.

Under Education, you will be able to access all past issues of the TCI Bulletin in PDF format. These can be read online or downloaded. 

Series Documentation includes a vast photo and information database on thimbles that have been produced in a series. More are being added all the time. Here is just one sample of the 100-plus PDF series we have completed. Click on the title to view the series titled David Grossman Designs, Inc. “A Day in the Life of a Boy and a Girl”

The section on Price Guides offers valuable information on the sold prices for various thimbles and needlework tools. 

Members can participate in the TCI Fun Zoom meetings which are held in March, July, and November.  These are not business meetings but rather a fun time to get together with fellow collectors from around the world.  There is always an educational program followed by an auction featuring both needlework tools and thimbles.

This only scratches the surface! All this and so much more are available to you as a member of TCI. We invite you to join TCI today and start using the Members Only section of our website in just minutes!

For additional information about joining TCI, please contact Membership.