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Collector Organizations

Southern California Thimble Collectors

The Southern California Thimble Collectors group was established in 1979. Zoom meetings on the 3rd Saturday of every month except for December.  Meetings include an educational program. For information about joining SCTC, contact Bethany Garcia.


Dorset Thimble Society

The Dorset Thimble Society (1985), is based in the UK. The newsletter, “At Your Fingertips” is produced three times a year. Meetings are held three times a year. In addition, we host an International Conference in odd-numbered years.

Needlework Tool Collectors Society of Australia

The Needlework Tool Collectors Society of Australia aims to increase knowledge of current and antique needlework tools and the skills they supported. Our group holds meetings regularly in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Freunde des Fingerhuts e.V.

Freunde des Fingerhuts e.V. (Friends of the Thimble), a German-based club, was founded in 1983. We publish a booklet-style newsletter with English translation, filled with valuable collecting information. We welcome new members.



Philadelphia Thimble Society

The Philadelphia Thimble Society (PTS) purpose is to share and promote interest, research, and study regarding thimbles. The Philadelphia Thimble Society meets two times a year, on the third Saturday of April and October.

Thimbles on Wheels

Thimbles On Wheels is a traveling thimble group that shares meetings in various parts of the U.S. at the invitation of other thimble groups.

Mary Craft and Kit Froebel started this group and Mabel Rogers is going to continue with it. Meetings are not on a preset schedule but are usually twice a year. Please contact Mabel for information.

Needlework Tool Resources

The Thimble Society

The Thimble Society founded in Britain in 1981, specialising in all antique sewing items.
Providing a free monthly newsletter, a website and a shop in Portobello Road, London.


SewManyBits is a website dedicated to all types of thimbles from Antique to Modern, including; Gold, Silver, Enamel, Porcelain and Glass, a variety of sewing related items, specialised sewing related auction catalogues and reference books.

serengeti2 Antiques

serengeti2 Antiques offers a fine selection of antique and vintage thimbles and needlework tools as well as related reference books. Check back often for new items. We also take items on consignment — do not hesitate to contact us.


Elegant Arts

Elegant Arts Antiques sells high quality antique thimbles and sewing tools, reference books, thimble displays and related items. We specialize in English & European needlework tools and thimbles. We also buy collections.

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